The Basics of Technical Analysis

Introduction to
Technical Analysis
The Basics of Charting
Dow Theory - Part I Support & Resistance
Dow Theory - Part II Multi - Time
Frame Analysis

Candlestick Charting

Introduction to
The Hammer &
Hanging Man
Spinning Top & Doji Morning &
Evening Star
Bullish & Bearish
Engulfing Patterns
Inverted Hammer &
Shooting Star

Formations & Patterns

Head & Shoulders
Trading Head &
Shoulders Pattern
Double Top &
Double Bottom
Trading Double Top
& Double Bottom
Rising & Falling
Wedge Patterns
Trading Rising &
Falling Wedge
Flag & Pennant
Flag & Pennant
Triangle Chart
Trading Triangle
Chart Patterns

Secondary Indicators

Introduction to
Technical Indicators
Bollinger Bands
Trading with
Moving Averages
The Relative
Strength Index
Trading with
the MACD
The Stochastic
The Average
Directional Index
  The Parabolic SAR

Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of
Money Management
Crowd Psychology
Taking Loses Letting Profits Run
Two Big Mistakes Using Trailing Stops
to Lock in Profits

Money Management

Setting Realistic
Profit Expectations
Setting Stops
Using the ATR
Learn to Protect
Capital First
Setting Stops Using
Support & Resistance
Setting an Initial
Stop Level
Guarding Your Stops
  Indicator Based Stops

Position Sizing

Position Sizing
Separates Winners
Percentage Risk
Sizing Method
Avoid Fixed Positions Volitility Risk
Sizing Method
Martingale &

Trading Styles & Journals

Introduction to
Day Trading
Components of a
Trading Journal
Introduction to
Swing Trading
What Your Journal
Should Tell You
Introduction to
Position Trading
The Successful
Trading Plan

Trading Videos

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